Linda + Ron

Linda and Ron’s wedding on Anzac Day took advantage of the beautiful colours that come out in autumn. Held at Tatra Receptions, the excitement was electric with Ron’s eight groomsmen and Linda’s three bridesmaids. Having met this couple a few times, I was really drawn to the calm, sweet relationship they had. It was very clear that they had a deep connection, with interwoven lives and a similar way of being. 

We started the day with a first look, Ron greeting the sun-kissed Linda down a pathway, overwhelmed by how beautiful she looked. I think it sunk in during the shoot as I caught Ron a couple times pushing a tear back or looking at Linda in awe - and the feeling was mutual for Linda. Following the traditional Jewish ceremony, we drove around Mount Dandenong, stopping to catch the dipping light between bright red leaves, tall trees and lookouts. 

Returning to Tatra for the reception, it started with a bang (as all Jewish weddings do) with some crazy dancing, the groom and bride being lifted on chairs, skipping with napkins, jumping over groomsmen and spinning as fast as they could with various guests. It’s always a whirlwind and a great amount of fun. The rest of the night was filled with more dancing, lots of food (and cheese - check out that cake) and lots of love between the couple and their guests. Mazel tov!