About Me

Hello, I'm Caitlin! I'm a photographer of weddings but I am also the fixer of ties, the placer of dress trains, the carrier of bouquets and the one with muddy knees from getting that perfect angle.

Weddings are beautiful. There is a lovely energy to them - happiness! The opportunity to be a part of your day humbles me, and I never forget what an honour it is.

Photography has been my passion since the age of fifteen, and in 2010, I turned it into my livelihood. Securing a Bachelor's degree in both Arts and Visual Arts from Monash University and accumulating countless hours of dedicated work, I have successfully embarked on my dream career that fills me with immense happiness.

My aim is to show the very real, beautiful relationship you and your partner share. I love couples that love to laugh and have fun and am so pleased to have had the opportunity to photograph individuals from all different backgrounds and identities. I am fully inclusive and welcome all cultures, genders and sexualities.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me. Tell me your story and let's create some beautiful pictures together!

Caitlin x

Some facts:

  • I have two doggies, Sherlock and Watson (pictured) and I foster greyhounds whenever I get the chance (I always cry when I say goodbye though!) 
  • I drink a lot of tea and almond lattes
  • I love organisation and buying things to help with that organisation
  • I love video games, reading, working out, going for walks and meeting friends for brunch
  • I love exploring Victoria and the world! I know lots of beautiful locations that I would be happy to recommend as settings for our shoots! 
  • I'm a good cook, I make the best vegetarian food